Fused Silica Powder Refractory Products 96% High Purity Micro Silica Powder

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SiO2(Silicon Dioxide): 85%min H2O: 1.0%max
Loss On Ignition: 4%max

96%min high purity micro silica powder for refractory

1.JH microsilica in high purity
2.stable quality


96%min high purity micro silica powder for refractory

1.Enhancing the fluid of pouring refractory, reducing the volume of used water, be easy to shape,and raising the production efficiency.

2.Because of its untramicrostructure for gap filling, the compact and intensity of refractory gain rising by a wade margin.

3.Silica fume is a highly effective pozzolanic material, so it's easy to come into being Mullite Phase, under the premise that Al2O3 exists, enhance elevated temperature strength and thermal shock of refractory.


Silica Fume in Concrete

1. Making high-grade concrete effectively enhances the strength and pumpability of strong concrete.

2. Making high crack-resistance, self-waterproofing concrete, be used in the subway, tunnel and basement of high-rise structures.

3. Used in maritime works and chemical industry. Owing to the compactability, it can prevent effectively sulphate and chlorine ion from osmosizing and eroding Avoid the steel corroding in armoured concrete (RC), lengthen the life-span of concrete.

4. Used in the construction item under water, such as pier, huge dam and drilling platform.

5. Used in road surface concrete of expressway and large-scale bridge.


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Non-amorphous Ultrafine

(non-crystalline) powder

Color Grey to medium grey powder
Bulk density-Densified 500-800KG/M3
Bulk density-Undensified 200-350KG/M3
SiO2(Silicon Dioxide) Min.85%
H2O Max.1.0%
Loss on ignition Max.4%
Fe2O3 Max.0.9%
Al2O3 Max 0.7%
CaO Max.0.7%
MgO Max.0.5%
K2O Max 1.2%
Retained on 45micron sieve Max.2%
Pozzolanic Activity Index 105@7d
Packaging Detail: 900kg/jumbo bags and 300-500kg/jumbo bags, and 25kg small plastic woven bags,or according to customer's requirements.
Delivery Detail: Within 10-15 days after order confirmation


Fused Silica Powder Refractory Products 96% High Purity Micro Silica Powder




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