High Alumina Light Weight Insulating Castable Refractory Heat Insulation

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Al2O3 Content: 65~75% Shape:: Powder
SiO2: ≤1.0% Breaking Strength MPa ≥: Breaking Strength MPa ≥
High Alumina Light Weight Insulating Castable Refractory Heat Insulation
Product Description

High strength high alumina castable is made of super high alumina clinker, composite binders and adhesives. The products are featured with high strength, good wear resistance, permeability resistance, erosion resistance, good mechanical properties, convenient construction, etc. It is commonly used in top of CFB boiler furnace, rear wall, etc.


Characters of refractory castable:


1. High refractoriness, high refractoriness under load.
2. High density, low porosity.
3. Good slag resistance and corrosion resistance.
4. High strength and wear resistance.

5. Good resistance to flake performance.

6. Good thermal shock stability.

7. Scouring resistance

8. Good hot strength.


Application of the refractory castable :

1. Furnaces of metallurgy industry, heat treatment furnace.

2. Furnace of incineration of garbage, recirculating fluidized bed furnace.

3. Furnaces of chemical industry and construction industry.

4. Tundish lining


Physical And Chemical Indicators:

Al2O3 % 65 75
Refractoriness °C 1750 1770
Linear Dimensional Change % -0.02 -0.4
ColdCrushingStrength MPa ≥ 110°C×24h 50 60
1100°C×4h 60 70
Breaking Strength MPa ≥ 110°C×24h 9 11
1100°C×4h 10 12
Maximum Service Temperature °C 1200 1400

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