Heat Insulation Kaowool Ceramic Fiber Blanket 600mm 610mm Width White Color

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Fiber Diameter: 5um Temprature Classification: 1260℃-1600℃
Shape: Ceramic Fiber Blanket Color: White
Thickness: 10mm~50mm Width: 600mm, 610mm

Heat Insulation Kaowool Ceramic Fiber Blanket 600mm ,610mm Width White Color


Production Description:

ceramic fiber blanket is composed of long,flexible,interwoven fibers manufactured by the “blown”and the “spun”process yielding a strong,lightweight yet durable blanket for applications in a temperature range from 1100°C to 1430°C Ceramic fiber blanket has the heat resistance of a hard refractory with five times better insulation value.




Ceramic Fiber Blanket is made of high purity Alumino-Silicate (and Zirconia) fibrous wool.

♦ Direct exposure to heat as furnace hot face lining
♦ General high temperature insulation

♦ Expansion joint seal,fire protection

♦ Refractory back-up installation

Phsyical and chemical index:


  1260 Blanket 1400 Blanket 1500 Blanket 1600 Blanket
Classification temperature ( °C) 1260 1425 1500 1600
Melting point (°C) 1760 1700 1760
Colour White White Blue gree White
Fiber diameter ( u m) 2.6 2.8 2.65 3.1
Fiber length (mm) ~250 ~250 ~150 ~100
Linear shrinkage(%) (1100oC x 24 hrs)1.8 (1300 o C x 24 hrs) 1.5    
Shot content (>212 micro meter) (%) 18 18    
Thermal conductivity Kcal/mh °C (W/mK) ,ASTM C201
1260 blanket 64 kg/m3 96 kg/m3 128 kg/m3 160kg/m3
mean 400°C 0.13 0.12 0.07 0.09
mean 600 °C 0.21 0.17 0.12 0.14
mean 800°C 0.30 0.25 0.16 0.20
1400 blanket     128 kg/m3 160kg/m3
mean 600 °C     0.13 0.14
mean 800 °C     0.20 0.20
mean1000 °C     0.29 0.28
Chemical composition (%)        
Al2O3 47.1 35.0 40.0 72
SiO2 52.3 49.7 58.1 28
ZrO2   15.0    
Cr2O3     1.8  
Bulk density(Kg/m3) 64,96,128,160
Available size(mm/roll) 7200*600*6,12.5,20,25,38;3600*600*50


Company Information:


Zhengzhou Rongsheng Refractory Material Co., Ltd. is located in the hinterland of Central Plains, at the foot of Songshan Mountain, and adjacent to Zhengshao Highway, Longhai and Jingguang railways. The convenient transportation, abundant resources and high quality minerals provide favorable conditions for the production of refractory materials.

Heat Insulation Kaowool Ceramic Fiber Blanket 600mm ,610mm Width White Color


Packaging & Delivery:


Heat Insulation Kaowool Ceramic Fiber Blanket 600mm ,610mm Width White Color

Heat Insulation Kaowool Ceramic Fiber Blanket 600mm ,610mm Width White Color



1. Are you a manufacture or trading company ?
Factory+ trade(mainly factories, at the same time, we operates other related products)
2. Can we visit your factory ?
Sure,welcome at any time, seeing is believing.
3. Is your company accept customization ?
We have own factory and excellent technical team, and we accept OEM service
4. Whats the MOQ of trial order ?
No limit, we can offer the best suggestions and solutions according to your condition.
5. Will your company supply samples ?
Yes, we do. The shipping charges should be undertaken by customer.


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